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Impressive photography expositions in London

What makes photography so interesting? Why didn't motion picture replace it? I think I have a partial answer to those questions: A video or movie is not that strong. Photos are more like paintings. You always expect something to happen, but you know it won't. In movies you just have to wait and it will happen, sooner or later. Someone will move, show something that was hidden or finish the work he or she is doing. But with pictures it is different. You can often feel how it is getting more and more tense while watching a photography. It happens quite a lot to me, because I know how hard it is to capture the right moment and I always think what happened after the photo was taken, or what lead to the situation shown on the photo. Often a photographer cannot show everything what is happening around him or it can be quite hard, that makes photography so special to me.

Did you ever feel that peacefulness while watching a photo of grass, nature or even a city. You can suddenly breath the fresh air or see all the life happening in front of you. Sometimes when I watch a photography of someone's face, I can see their soul, thoughts and problems through their eyes. If you never had these experiences than here are a few places you should visit, and get mesmerized by the photos there hanging on the walls.

The stories on the walls

In the Silk Street in London you can visit an art gallery called "Barbican". Their exhibitions are always full of soul, interesting and diverse. I always enjoy spending an hour or two just watching the photos on their walls. It is fascinating for me, how they can change my mood. Sometimes I get really happy or sad and sometimes angry. Their "Strange and Familiar" exhibition runs until 19th June. Take a look at the UK how the international photographers see it from 1930s onwards. This exhibition is considered to be one of the best of 2016. It is also interesting to watch the people looking at paintings covering everything from kings to abstract art, from fruits and flower to an all inclusive exhibition.

You can also spend an hour or two at the Imperial War Museum to take a look at the Lee Miller: A Woman's War exhibition. It is a collection of 150 photographs taken during the II World War of women in all parts of Germany and the world, involved in the war effort. In one of the photos, a woman is taking a bath in Hitler's bathtub in his Munich apartment. This exhibition really tells a story and makes you feel the atmosphere back then.

If you go to the Imperial War Museum, you also have to visit the Nick Danziger: Eleven Women Facing War exhibition. This is a story of eleven women from 2001 to 2011 in different conflict zones around the world. The subject of almost every photo is a women's face. You can really feel and see the courage and fear in their eyes.

These should be enough to show you the beauty and power of photography. After you visit these exhibitions you should be able to find the way to other ones by yourself.

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